Completion Date: November, 2006

Format: Mini-DV

Synopsis: A controversial documentary short on the sorority recruitment “rush” process at Northwestern University.

Director’s Statement:

Never before have I experienced fame. But if I’ve ever felt any semblance of what fame might feel like it’s because of this controversial short I made my junior year at Northwestern University. A recruitment chair was blacklisted from her sorority, a college campus went up in debate, and my mother runs into waitresses in Manhattan who have seen the movie on You Tube. Current TV in San Francisco recently picked up the film and the network is hiring me to do a follow up pod cast on sororities and on my story in making the film.


Rushed is picked up by Current TV in San Francisco. Marcus is currently working on a sorority expose pod cast for their TV network.

Rushed is awarded Best Adult Documentary at the New Castle Community Television Film Festival (New Castle, NY) – February, 2007

Rushed earns an honorable mention at the North By Northwestern Film Festival (check out the commentary)